Carlo A Pruneti

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Frank hypothyroidism is known to induce neurological and mental dysfunction. The aim of this study was to assess selected neuropsychological and behavioral features by means of standardized tests in a group of 14 patients with subclinical hypothyroidism who were free from neuropsychological complaints and to evaluate the possible effects of l-thyroxine(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine the behavioral and physiological effects of the central nervous system depressant alprazolam on a group of cardiac patients. METHODS Immediately after hospital discharge, the Crown and Crisp Experiential Index (CCEI) was administered, the salivary cortisol was detected and a psycho-physiological profile(More)
Methods A sample of 60 subjects (Table I) was consecutively examined in an outpatient clinical center with the following diagnoses according to the DSM-IV-TR criteria 1: Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD, n = 24), Major Depression Episode (MDE, n = 14), Panic Disorder (PAD, n = 12), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD, n = 10). Inclusion exclusion criteria:(More)
AIM This preliminary study is focused on the description of some dysfunctional perceptions of the body's image and eating habits in a large sample of Italian adolescents. METHODS A total of 4,243 secondary school adolescents were examined in the Tuscany and Liguria regions in north-west Italy. The age of the 2,024 male and 2,219 female adolescents ranged(More)
The aim of this paper was to specifically analyse the relationship between the different components of academic self-image, defined as the way adolescents represent themselves as students, and self-reported depressive symptoms, assessed with the Children's Depression Inventory (CDI), in a non-clinical sample of 298 adolescents. We considered both(More)
Subclinical hypothyroidism in characterized by elevated TSH levels in the face of normal thyroid hormone concentrations. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether these subjects show alterations of neuropsychological and behavioural features and of myocardial contractility as patients with overt hypothyroidism do. We evaluated in 14 subjects the(More)
The Raven Progressive Matrices Test, in its various versions, has frequently been used in research on stress related diseases. In this paper the preliminary data relating to the administration of this version of test performed by a personal computer are presented. The "Coloured" version of the PM 47 was used, with the addition of a series of visual and(More)
OBJECTIVE We carried out a systematic video-polysomnographic analysis of the number and type of motor events during REM sleep in narcolepsy-cataplexy patients with REM sleep behavior disorder (NC + RBD) but not clinical RBD (NC-RBD). METHODS Twelve NC + RBD and 10 NC-RBD male patients underwent video-polysomnography (video-PSG). Motor events of different(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between personality and behavioral responses in patients with acute myocardial infarction. In a first step, a new instrument (PSY Inventory) for assessment of six behavioral characteristics (Sense of Responsibility, Energy and Competitiveness, Obsessive Behavior, Anger and Hostility, Stress-related(More)
Exercise may exert beneficial effects on cognitive functions and play an important role in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Such effects seem to be mediated by changes in anti-oxidative status, but limited information is available on the nature of molecular pathways supporting the antioxidant effects of exercise in the brain. In this study(More)