Carline M J Brands

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In the present study, a kinetic model of the Maillard reaction occurring in heated monosaccharide-casein systems was proposed. Its parameters, the reaction rate constants, were estimated via multiresponse modeling. The determinant criterion was used as the statistical fit criterion instead of the familiar least squares to avoid statistical problems. The(More)
Melanoidins are the final, brown, high molecular weight products of the Maillard reaction. The aim of the present study was to determine the average molar extinction coefficients of melanoidins formed in heated glucose-casein and fructose-casein systems. The value of the extinction coefficient can be used to translate spectrophotometrically measured(More)
In this paper the results of a thorough evaluation of the environmental fate and effects of azilsartan are presented. Azilsartan medoxomil is administered as a pro-drug for the treatment of patients with essential hypertension. The pro-drug is converted by hydrolysis to the active pharmaceutical ingredient azilsartan. Laboratory tests to evaluate the(More)
The aim of the present study is to establish the relation between the inactivation of the proteolytic enzyme Savinase and its adsorption at different types of solid-liquid interfaces. The loss of activity has been determined both in solution and in the presence of colloidal particles, which provide a surface area for adsorption of 25% of the enzyme(More)
The formation of mutagens after the heating of sugar-casein model systems at 120 degrees C was examined by the Ames test, using Salmonella typhimurium strain TA100. Several sugars (glucose, fructose, galactose, tagatose, lactose, and lactulose) were compared in their mutagenicities. Mutagenicity could be fully ascribed to Maillard reaction products and(More)
The Maillard reaction is important during the heating and processing of foods for its contribution to food quality. To control a reaction as complex as the Maillard reaction, it is necessary to study the reactions of interest quantitatively. In this paper the main reaction products in monosaccharide-casein systems, which were heated at 120 degrees C and pH(More)
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