Carlina Peña-García

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Herein, we applied a community genomic approach using a naphthalene-enriched community (CN1) to isolate a versatile esterase (CN1E1) from the α/β-hydrolase family. The protein shares low-to-medium identity (≤ 57%) with known esterase/lipase-like proteins. The enzyme is most active at 25-30°C and pH 8.5; it retains approximately 55% of its activity at 4°C(More)
Nowadays, enzymes can be efficiently identified and screened from metagenomic resources or mutant libraries. A set of a few hundred new enzymes can be found using a simple substrate within few months. Hence, the establishment of collections of enzymes is no longer a big hurdle. However, a key problem is the relatively low rate of positive hits and that a(More)
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