Carlin Vieri

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— The simultaneous reduction of power supply and threshold voltages for low-power design without suffering performance losses will eventually reach the limit of diminishing returns as static leakage power dissipation becomes a significant portion of the total power consumption. This is especially acute in systems that are idling most of the time. In order(More)
An assistive robotic wheelchair system should allow its user to travel more efficiently and with greater ease. The robotic wheelchair system described in this thesis, Whee-lesley, performs semi-autonomous navigation for its user, taking high-level directional commands and performing the low-level navigation required to avoid obstacles and stay on a safe(More)
Aggressive voltage scaling to 1V and below through technology, circuit, and architecture optimization has been proven to be the key to ultra low-power design. The key technology trends for low-voltage operation are presented including low-threshold devices, multiple-threshold devices, and SOI and bulk CMOS based variable threshold devices. The requirements(More)
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