Carlin Vieri

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Aggressive voltage scaling to 1V and below through technology, circuit, and architecture optimization has been proven to be the key to ultra low-power design. The key technology trends for low-voltage operation are presented including low-threshold devices, multiple-threshold devices, and SOI and bulk CMOS based variable threshold devices. The requirements(More)
The reversible and \adiabatic" transfer of charge in digital circuits has recently been a subject of interest in the low-power electronics community, but no one has yet created a complete, purely reversible CPU using this technology. Fundamental physical scaling laws imply that a fully-reversible processing element would permit unboundedly greater eeciency(More)
This document was originally an appendix in Carlin Vieri's Master's degree thesis Vie95]. It has been continuously modiied to reeect as closely as possible the instruction set encodings for the Pendulum machine. While the machine itself is the only true documentation, eeort has been expended to allow this document to reeect the truth. Assembly language(More)
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