Carlijn Frantzen

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The quality of day-old chick placement and management upon arrival have a major impact on first-week mortality (FWM) and subsequent welfare in layers. The present study investigated FWM and causes of FWM in 50 flocks of layers. Post mortem results from 983 chickens showed that 50% died from infections, whereas noninfectious causes, in particular dehydration(More)
Surgery was performed on 167 patients for distal tubal occlusion. In 143 cases a terminal microsurgical salpingostomy was performed and in 24, a cuff neostomy. The overall intrauterine pregnancy rate was 20.4%, and 16.8% of the patients had live births. The ectopic gestation rate was 1.8%. None of the patients with a cuff neostomy became pregnant.
OBJECTIVE We studied the reciprocal effect of pregnancy and von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease by analyzing the influence of pregnancy on VHL disease-related lesions and VHL disease on pregnancy outcome. METHODS Medical charts and imaging reports from the VHL disease expertise centers in the Netherlands were used to retrospectively assess lesion progression(More)
From January 1976 to March 1982 119 microsurgical reversals were performed. Most of these women were not older than 30 years at the time of sterilization. A new partnership was the main reason for a request of reversal. Up to now 69 patients (58,0%) achieved an intrauterine pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies occurred in 3 women (2,5%). The prognosis of a(More)
Tubal surgery by help of microsurgical techniques was performed in 86 women from January 1976 until December 1978. 70 patients suffered from tubal sterility due to pelvic inflammatory disease. 16 women asked for reversal of sterilization. As result of 83 operations 17 life births respectively undisturbed intrauterine pregnancies were achieved. Two patients(More)
The results of reconstructive tubal surgery improved significantly since microsurgical technics were introduced. Nowadays microsurgery is the procedure of choice for salpingolysis, salpingostomy, reanastomosis reversal of sterilisation and conservative repair of an ectopic pregnancy. Successful reversals of sterilisation demonstrate the advantage of the(More)
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