Carli R Willard

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The DNA base sequences of the entire chimpanzee zeta 1 globin gene and an additional 1 kb of DNA flanking both the human and chimpanzee genes have been determined. Whereas the human zeta 1 gene contains a termination codon in the sixth position, the chimpanzee gene appears to be functional. This finding confirms Proudfoot et al.'s suggestion that the human(More)
OBJECTIVE Migraine is among the most common and debilitating neurological conditions. Familial hemiplegic migraine type 1 (FHM1), a monogenic migraine subtype, is caused by gain-of-function of voltage-gated CaV 2.1 calcium channels. FHM1 mice carry human pathogenic mutations in the α1A subunit of CaV 2.1 channels and are highly susceptible to cortical(More)
Members of the human transposon-like family of repetitive sequences (called THE 1 repeats) like many other repetitive DNA sequences are flanked by short direct repeats. Comparison of the base sequences of twelve examples of these flanking direct repeats indicates that THE 1 repeats insert into a preferred genomic target site. In one case, we have identified(More)
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