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Genome Sequence of Rhodoferax antarcticus ANT.BRT; A Psychrophilic Purple Nonsulfur Bacterium from an Antarctic Microbial Mat
This report represents the first genomic analysis of a psychrophilic anoxygenic phototroph and provides a glimpse of the genetic basis for maintaining a phototrophic lifestyle in a permanently cold, yet highly variable, environment.
Chemoorganotrophic Bacteria From Lake Fryxell, Antarctica, Including Pseudomonas Strain LFY10, a Cold-Adapted, Halotolerant Bacterium Useful in Teaching Labs
These cold-adapted bacteria likely play a role in carbon mineralization and other nutrient cycling in Lake Fryxell, and their characterization broadens the understanding of microbial biodiversity in aquatic polar ecosystems.
Cold-Active, Heterotrophic Bacteria from the Highly Oligotrophic Waters of Lake Vanda, Antarctica
In this study, water samples were collected from Lake Vanda, a stratified Dry Valley lake whose upper waters are highly oligotrophic, and used to establish enrichment cultures, which include cold-active species not previously reported from Dry Valley lakes.