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This is a report of seven cases of aneurysm of the vein of Galen (AVG) with a review of the clinical and radiological aspects of 48 cases in the literature. The natural evolution and pathophysiology of this vascular malformation are discussed. The clinical signs of this condition are often misleading. The appearance of AVG on CT is pathognomic. Surveillance(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to review the complications of transaxillary arteriography (TRAX), determine clinical factors associated with their occurrence, and define optimal treatment methods. METHODS A retrospective review of 842 consecutive TRAX studies performed in a large, urban, tertiary care, academic medical center was undertaken.(More)
Basal cephaloceles of the child are rare pathologies which require accurate preoperative imaging work-up. The CT and MR studies of six children with surgically proven basal cephalocele were retrospectively reviewed to evaluate the role of CT and MR in the preoperative work-up of a basal cephalocele of the child. In five patients, MR allowed to define the(More)
Since 1980 an operation which reestablishes the blood outflow from occluded hepatic veins was performed in 7 patients with Budd-Chiari syndrome by one of us (A. Senning). Using extracorporeal circulation a dorsocranial cylindrical resection of the liver including the confluence of the occluded hepatic veins was performed by transcaval approach. The incised(More)
57 children presenting with optic glioma, 30 of which with neurofibromatosis, were treated from 1956 to 1978 at the Institute Gustave-Roussy. In 3, the tumor was confined to a single optic nerve; 18 had a chiasm-infiltrating tumor and 36 a large tumor invading adjacent structures. At the time of diagnosis, all but 2 had visual deficit, 5 had endocrine(More)
The intraspinal venous stasis, described by ABOULKER as the cause of numerous myelopathies, is due to the addition of multiple venous abnormalities, demonstrated by cavospinal phlebography. The venae cavae and their major affluents and the prespinal system (lumbar and ascending lumbar veins, azygos, hemi-azygos, right superior intercostal and vertebral(More)