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We studied the effects on CSF dynamics at the foramen magnum and the clinical significance of the abnormal tonsillar motion in 14 patients with Chiari type I malformation and 14 control subjects using cine phase-contrast MRI. Dynamic MRI consisted of axial and sagittal cine phase-contrast sequences. CSF and tonsillar motion were qualitatively and(More)
We describe a Spanish family in which 3 of 4 siblings had dementia with Lewy bodies, 2 of them starting at age 26 years and the other at 29 years. The father has recently been diagnosed with Lewy body disease, with onset at 77 years. Neuropathological examination of the brain of the index patient disclosed unusual features characterized by diffuse Lewy body(More)
In the present submission to MIREX 2013, we provide an algorithm to handle the symbolic melody similarity task. The method goal is to find the ten most similar melodies, according to one used as a query, among a database. Both query and melodies in the database are monophonic MIDI files. The novelty of the proposed algorithm is the tracking and evaluating(More)
BACKGROUND In the current literature, there is neither a reported systematic review comparing the efficacy of triptans at 30 minutes and 1 hour after the migraine treatment, nor data related to efficacy of new marketed triptans. OBJECTIVE The main objective of this analysis was to compare the efficacy and tolerability of currently marketed oral,(More)
We carried out a prospective study to analyze the diagnostic potential of acoustic startle reflex (ASR), acoustic blink reflex (ABR) and electro-oculography (EOG) in early stages of atypical parkinsonian syndrome. The study was carried out in a consecutive series of 41 patients clinically diagnosed as atypical parkinsonism (mean time from first symptoms of(More)
INTRODUCTION The presence of psychopathological symptoms as anxiety and depression in chronic daily headache and in fibromyalgia is common. AIM To study whether there are any difference in the psychopathological profile and treatment response between patients with chronic headache and fibromyalgia (CHFM) and patients with chronic headache without(More)
IMPORTANCE To provide clinical and genetic diagnoses for patients' conditions, it is important to identify and characterize the different subtypes of spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA). OBJECTIVE To clinically and genetically characterize a Spanish kindred with pure SCA presenting with altered vertical eye movements. DESIGN Family study of ambulatory patients.(More)
A clinical evaluation of visual and central oculomotor defects are presented in a series of 56 patients who were HIV carriers, of whom 47 fulfilled criteria for AIDS. Changes were detected in 22% of the asymptomatic patients (2/9), in 36% of the AIDS patients with no neurological complications and in 93% (15/16) of the AIDS patients with neurological(More)