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Many believe and argue that fiscal, or budgetary, transparency has large, positive effects on fiscal performance. However, the evidence linking transparency and fiscal policy outcomes is less compelling. To analyze the effects of fiscal transparency on public debt accumulation, we present a career-concerns model with political parties. This allows us to(More)
The views and interpretations in this document are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Inter-American Development Bank, or to any individual acting on its behalf. The Research Department (RES) publishes the Latin American Economic Policies Newsletter, as well as working papers and books, on diverse economic issues. To obtain a complete(More)
I examine a fundamental problem of politics in authoritarian regimes: the dictator and the ruling coalition must share power and govern in an environment where political influence must be backed by a credible threat of violence. I develop a model of authoritarian politics in which power sharing is complicated by this conflict of interest: by exploiting his(More)
In the growing literature that shows that higher levels of trade lead to a larger public sector, politics remains prominently absent. As openness increases, the state, acting as a social planner, adopts a salient role to minimize the risks of higher economic integration as well as secure social peace. Given the highly redistributive nature of both trade and(More)
and two anonymous reviewers for helpful comments. Abstract While domestic political conflict has been a constant companion to international trade, the nature of that conflict has varied greatly in western democracies over the last two centuries. Political battles over trade policy appear to have sometimes divided societies along broad class lines but, at(More)
R esolving a controversy on the relationship of development to democratization, this article expands the time period under study with panel data running from the early nineteenth century (a time where hardly any country was democratic) to the end of the twentieth century, and shows a positive and significant effect of income on the likelihood of democratic(More)
This article analyses the origins and consequences of multicameral representation and voting in international organizations. It is argued that the existence of visible and durable conflicts in an issue area can make standard procedures such as unicameral majority voting ineffective with respect to the functioning of the regime. Applying spatial models of(More)