Carlene Perpetua P Arceo

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This paper provides a framework to represent a Biochemical Systems Theory (BST) model (in either GMA or S-system form) as a chemical reaction network with power law kinetics. Using this representation, some basic properties and the application of recent results of Chemical Reaction Network Theory regarding steady states of such systems are shown. In(More)
This paper aims to verify numerical existence of boundary controls that steer the de St. Venant system in finite time, from a given unsteady subcritical state to another. The method of characteristics is used in obtaining the numerical solution. The problem is divided into two parts: first, an unsteady subcritical flow is steered towards a steady one; then(More)
This paper further develops the connection between Chemical Reaction Network Theory (CRNT) and Biochemical Systems Theory (BST) that we recently introduced [1]. We first use algebraic properties of kinetic sets to study the set of complex factorizable kinetics CFK(N) on a CRN, which shares many characteristics with its subset of mass action kinetics. In(More)
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