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Schizophyllum commune has thousands of mating types defined in part by numerous lipopeptide pheromones and their G-protein-coupled receptors. These molecules are encoded within multiple versions of two redundantly functioning B mating-type loci, B alpha and B beta. Compatible combinations of pheromones and receptors, produced by individuals of different B(More)
Analysis of the multispecific B alpha mating-type locus of Schizophyllum commune provided evidence that pheromones and pheromone receptors govern recognition of self versus non-self and sexual development in this homobasidiomycetous fungus. Four subclones of an 8.2 kb genomic fragment carrying B alpha 1 specificity induced B-regulated sexual morphogenesis(More)
In this study, genes of the Schizophyllum commune Balpha and Bbeta mating-type loci are shown to be within a few kilobases of each other. The region between the nearest Balpha and Bbeta genes contains many short direct repeats. Predicted amino acid sequences and activity spectra of three pheromones encoded in the Balpha3 mating-type specificity are(More)
The mushroom-producing fungus Schizophyllum commune has thousands of mating types defined, in part, by numerous lipopeptide pheromones and their G protein-linked receptors. Compatible combinations of pheromones and receptors encoded by different mating types regulate a pathway of sexual development leading to mushroom formation and meiosis. A complex set of(More)
The genes defining multiple B mating types in the wood-rotting mushroom Schizophyllum commune are predicted to encode multiple pheromones and pheromone receptors. These genes are clustered in each of two recombinable and independently functioning loci, B alpha and B beta. A difference in specificity at either locus between a mated pair of individuals(More)
Knowledge of the structure and function of a complex gene regulating sexual development in the mushroom, Schizophyllum commune, has come from the analysis of various mutations in a chromosomal region known as the Bbeta incompatibility gene. This gene is one of two linked genes, Balpha and Bbeta, that together comprise the B factor which regulates a(More)
Six chromosomal DNA bands of Schizophyllum commune have been resolved using transverse alternating field electrophoresis. The estimated sizes of the chromosomal DNAs ranged from 5.1 to 1.2 megabase pairs (Mb), the total genome size being approximately 35-36 Mb. Chromosomal length polymorphisms were found between the two S. commune isolates examined. The DNA(More)