Carlar Beyer

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Four patients developed orbital conjunctival cysts following enucleation. The cysts were demonstrated by ultrasonography and computerized tomography and confirmed by histopathology. They were lined by a non-keratinizing stratified squamous epithelium without goblet cells and contained fluid with mucinous strands. They were excised at eight, seven, and(More)
A clinical classification of baggy lids is presented to allow for categorization of existing deformities and their subsequent surgical correction. Standard photographic documentation is suggested for impartial evaluation of the selected surgical procedure. A technique in the placement of skin incisions and their modifications, based on position and degree(More)
We treated a patient who had clinical and pathological findings of a primary cutaneous tumor of the eyelid with histological and ultrastructural features of a Merkel cell carcinoma. This neoplasm is composed of cells that are thought to be derived from the neural crest and are found normally in the skin. While it may be a low-grade malignant neoplasm, this(More)