Carla W Huff

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Members of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily play critical roles in controlling cell growth and differentiation. Effects of TGF-beta family ligands are mediated by Smad proteins. To understand the mechanism of Smad function, we sought to identify novel interactors of Smads by use of a yeast two-hybrid system. A 396-amino acid nuclear protein(More)
The intracellular signaling events of the Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) involve the R-Smad family members Smad1, Smad5, Smad8 and the Co-Smad, Smad4. Smads are currently considered to be DNA-binding transcriptional modulators and shown to recruit the master transcriptional co-activator CBP/p300 for transcriptional activation. SNIP1 is a recently(More)
Sorting nexins (SNX) comprise a family of proteins with homology to several yeast proteins, including Vps5p and Mvp1p, that are required for the sorting of proteins to the yeast vacuole. Human SNX1, -2, and -4 have been proposed to play a role in receptor trafficking and have been shown to bind to several receptor tyrosine kinases, including receptors for(More)
In an analysis of motor function, ambulatory function, and hip stability in sixty-five patients with myelodysplasia, four motor-function groups based on the strength of the quadriceps and hip abductor muscles were identified. Retrospectively, it was evident that based on these groups, it would have been possible to predict which hips would remain stable,(More)
The reaction of (PEt(3))(2)Ni(eta(2)-C(14)H(10)), a source of the reactive Ni(PEt(3))(2) moiety, with 1,2,4,5-F(4)C(6)H(2) yields a mixture of three C-F bond activation products that include the unexpected products (PEt(3))(2)NiF-2,3,5,6-F(4)C(6)H and (PEt(3))(2)NiF-2,3,5-F(3)C(6)H(2). Monitoring the reaction mixture via (19)F and (1)H NMR also reveals the(More)
A new hemoglobin mutant was detected as a fast-moving variant on cellulose acetate electrophoresis at pH 8.4. The mutation is in the alpha-chain at position 127, where lysine is substituted by asparagine. This is an external residue, and mutation at this site does not lead to any altered physiologic function of the hemoglobin.
Continuity of care has been defined as a contract between a patient and physician for medical care. This study looks at continuity of care in a community family practice residency program before and after office contact has been made with at least one member of the family by the assigned physician. It is assumed that during such a visit a contract for care(More)
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