Carla Thompson

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The orientation of SFF-manufactured parts can have a signiicant eeect on the quality of the parts, in both surface eeects and strength. Currently, orientation is either ignored or set on the basis of experience. This paper takes some simple experiments and creates quantitative measures relating diierent aspects of part quality to orientation. This leads to(More)
This text may be freely shared among individuals, but it may not be republished in any medium without express written consent from the author and advance notification of the editor. Abstract Since educational statistics is a core or general requirement of all students enrolled in graduate education programs, the need for high quality student engagement and(More)
BACKGROUND We live in an era of explosive data generation that will continue to grow and involve all industries. One of the results of this explosion is the need for newer and more efficient data analytics procedures. Traditionally, data analytics required a substantial background in statistics and computer science. In 2015, International Business Machines(More)
The need for counseling and career/educational services for homeless veterans has captured political and economic venues for more than 25 years. Veterans are three times more likely to become homeless than the general population if veterans live in poverty or are minority veterans. This mixed methods study emphasized a life-span perspective approach for(More)
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