Carla Suertegaray Fontana

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Instances of recent and rapid speciation are suitable for associating phenotypes with their causal genotypes, especially if gene flow homogenizes areas of the genome that are not under divergent selection. We study a rapid radiation of nine sympatric bird species known as capuchino seedeaters, which are differentiated in sexually selected characters of male(More)
Cities are highly modified environments in which the only areas that resemble natural landscapes are urban parks with low human population density. Attempts are frequently made to maintain high bird diversity in cities for aesthetic or educational reasons. However, it remains unclear whether local site characteristics are important in determining bird(More)
Among known bird species, oscines are one of the few groups that produce complex vocalizations due to vocal learning. One of the most conspicuous oscine passerines in southeastern South America is the Rufous-bellied Thrush, Turdus rufiventris. The complete mitochondrial genome of this species was sequenced with the Illumina HiSeq platform (Illumina Inc.,(More)
Scytalopus and the recently erected Eleoscytalopus are among the Neotropical groups of birds whose taxonomy is most difficult to resolve given their very conservative morphology. We investigated the phylogeny and species limits of Eleoscytalopus and the eastern Scytalopus using two mitochondrial genes and two nuclear introns of multiple individuals from all(More)
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