Carla Schelfhout

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Previous hybridisation studies showed that the repetitive DNA sequence pBNBH35 from Brassica nigra (genome BB, 2n=16) bound specifically to the B-genome and not to the A- or C-genomes of Brassica species. We amplified a sub-fragment of pBNBH35 from B. nigra by PCR, cloned and sequenced this sub-fragment, and confirmed that it was a 329-bp sub-fragment of(More)
We used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) techniques to demonstrate the presence of Brassica B-genome chromosomes and putative B-genome introgressions in B. napus x B. juncea interspecific progeny. The B-genome--specific repeat sequence pBNBH35 was used to generate PCR products and FISH probes. The highest(More)
In this paper, the distribution of interjections over the clause is studied within the context of a topological framework. For this study authentic data were extracted from a corpus comprising one million words of written material and 174,000 words of spoken material. To explain this distribution we study the influence of the text type in which an(More)
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