Carla Quintão

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Dental schools around the world face new challenges that raise issues with regard to how they are governed, led and managed. With rapid societal changes, including globalization and consumerism, the roles of universities and their funding have become intensely debated topics. When financial burdens on universities increase, so does the pressure on dental(More)
Brazil is the largest country of South America, with an area of 8.511.965 km(2) and 150 million people. It has 113 dental schools and several orthodontic postgraduate courses variously at Certificate, Master, and Doctoral levels. The current article gives an overview of the speciality in Brazil. The discussion puts the delivery of orthodontic care within(More)
To my parents and sister vi Acknowledgements First of all, I acknowledge Professor Hugo Gamboa, who always supported me and saw potential in my abilities even at the beginning of this thesis. I appreciate the opportunity he gave me to work with him in an interesting area which allowed me to develop my programming skills and to create an out-of-the-box(More)
vi Acknowledgements First, I thank my supervisor, Professor Hugo Gamboa, who has challenged me throughout my thesis. I offer my sincerest gratitude to my co-supervisor, Professor Carla Quin-tão, who always presented me different paths and solutions when problems emerged, and encouraged me to think further; this work would have never been written without her(More)
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