Carla Pretorius

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In the title compound, [Nb(CH(3)O)(2)(C(5)H(7)O(2))Cl(2)], a slightly distorted octa-hedral coordination geometry is observed around the Nb(V) atom with Nb-O distances in the range of 1.8254 (16)-2.0892 (16) Å and Nb-Cl distances of 2.3997 (14) and 2.4023 (12) Å. The O-Nb-O angles vary between 81.36 (7) and 172.65 (7) °, while the trans Cl-Nb-Cl angle is(More)
THE TITLE COMPOUND [SYSTEMATIC NAME: 5-(trifluoro-meth-oxy)-1H-indole-2,3-dione], C9H4F3NO3, crystallized with two mol-ecules in the asymmetric unit. Inter-molecular N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds link the mol-ecules to form layers parallel to the ab plane. In addition, π-π stacking inter-actions are observed with a centroid-centroid distance of 3.721 (1) Å. The near(More)
In the title compound, [Rh(C10H9O2)(CO)2], a distorted square-planar coordination geometry is observed around the Rh(I) atom, formed by the O atoms of the bidentate ligand and two C atoms from the carbonyl ligands. The Rh(I) atom is displaced from the plane through the surrounding atoms by 0.017 Å. In the crystal, C-H⋯O inter-action is observed between a(More)
In the title compound, [V(C15H11O2)2O(CH3OH)]·2CH3OH, the V(IV) atom is coordinated by two 1,3-diphenyl-propane-1,3-dionate ligands and an oxide ligand in an axial position. The sixth position is occupied by the O atom of a methanol group bonded trans to the oxide atom. The octa-hedral geometry is significantly distorted, with the V(IV) atom lying 0.330 (3)(More)
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