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We review our 10-year (June 1987-June 1997) experience in 26 children requiring early surgery due to active infective endocarditis (AIE) refractory to medical therapy. Mean age at operation was 5.0 (SD 3.5) years. Nineteen patients (73%) had predisposing factors: congenital heart disease (CHD) was the most common (10/19, 53%); endocavitary foreign materials(More)
The oral ecosystem is strictly related to a balance maintained by specific niches recognized as sites, where oral bacteria can metabolize avoiding the immune system response. The oral bacteria species that colonize the ecological niches vary during fixed orthodontic treatment, with a prevalence of periodontal bacterial species. Qualitative analysis of five(More)
Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) seem to play an important role in the pathogenesis of gynecological carcinomas and in head and neck carcinomas. The aim of this study was to detect and genotype HPVs in fresh oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) from a Sardinian population, and to determine whether HPV presence was significantly associated with the development(More)
The intramyocardial PO2 was studied in 7 patients after cardiac surgery, by means of a long-term electrode implanted subepicardically in the free wall of the left or the right ventricle, utilizing the polarographic method. Inhalation of 100% O2 or 5% CO2 +95% O2 provoked maximal increases in the myocardial PO2. In most cases intense exercise, and the(More)
Mean heart rates and their variability indices during REM sleep and the frequency of cardiac arrhythmias during the sleep-awake cycle were determined in a group of coronary patients with disturbances of cardiac rhythm. In some patients there was a temporal relationship of atrial and ventricular premature contractions with slow-wave sleep, REM sleep or(More)
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