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We reported previously that Mater is a maternal effect gene that is required for early embryonic development beyond the two-cell stage in mice. Here we show the expressional profile of Mater and its protein during oogenesis and embryogenesis as well as its subcellular localization in oocytes. Mater mRNA was detectable earliest in oocytes of type 2(More)
The inducible isoform of nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), produces nitric oxide (NO) from l-arginine in response to inflammatory stimuli. NO sub-serves different functions from cytotoxicity to neuroprotection and triggers either necrosis or apoptosis. This study shows by Northern blot analysis that during experimental allergic neuritis (EAN), at the beginning(More)
An osteocyte lacunae differential count under the light microscope (LM) (1-lacunae with live osteocytes, 2-empty lacunae and lacunae with degenerating osteocytes) was carried out outside the reversal lines of osteonic lamellar bone from various mammals and man to evaluate the possibility of osteocyte survival where osteoclast resorption had occurred. The(More)
We purposed to evaluate the role of Th inducing POZ-Kruppel Factor (ThPOK), a transcriptional regulator of T cell fate, in tumour-induced immune system plasticity in colorectal carcinogenesis. The amounts of CD4+, CD8+ and CD56+ and ThPOK+ cells infiltrate in normal colorectal mucosa (NM), in dysplastic aberrant crypt foci (microadenomas, MA), the earliest(More)
This study was designed to evaluate whether or not continuous intracerebroventricular infusion of leptin (1.5 microg/rat/24 h, for 28 days) produced different regional response on the skeleton of growing rats. Leptin reduce the accretion of total femoral bone mineral content (BMC) and density (BMD). This effect was related to a reduction of metaphyseal(More)
Rats fed calcium-deprived diet develop osteoporosis due to enhanced bone resorption, secondary to parathyroid overactivity resulting from nutritional hypocalcemia. Therefore, rats provide a good experimental animal model for studying bone modelling alterations during biochemical osteoporosis. Three-month-old Sprague-Dawley male rats were divided into 4(More)
Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein (PLZF) is a protein involved in various signaling, growth regulatory, and differentiation pathways, including development/function of some T cells. Here, we aimed at the detection of PLZF during colorectal carcinogenesis, using immunofluorescence, and at the evaluation of the colocalization of PLZF with CD2 and(More)
Considering the pivotal role as bone mechanosensors ascribed to osteocytes in bone adaptation to mechanical strains, the present study analyzed whether a correlation exists between osteocyte apoptosis and bone remodeling in peculiar bones, such as human auditory ossicles and scleral ossicles of lower vertebrates, which have been shown to undergo substantial(More)
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