Carla Pérez

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BACKGROUND Exposure assessment has shifted from pollutant monitoring in air, soil, and water toward personal exposure measurements and biomonitoring. This trend along with the paucity of health effect data for many of the pollutants studied raise ethical and scientific challenges for reporting results to study participants. METHODS We interviewed 26(More)
Antibody responses for 882 of the 1,039 proteins in the proteome of Treponema pallidum were examined. Sera collected from infected rabbits were used to systematically identify 106 antigenic proteins, including 22 previously identified antigens and 84 novel antigens. Additionally, sera collected from rabbits throughout the course of infection demonstrated a(More)
BACKGROUND We report on the challenges of obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) coverage for a community-based participatory research (CBPR) environmental justice project, which involved reporting biomonitoring and household exposure results to participants, and included lay participation in research. METHODS We draw on our experiences guiding a(More)
Acknowledgements This work is first and foremost a result of a community-based campaign that called upon and drove the collection of new data and by the campaign work and financial support of CBE's community members and friends. This report was made possible by the technical support of our academic partners, Rachel Air Resources Board and the support of(More)
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