Carla Martin-Villalba

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A novel approach to the implementation of interactive virtual-labs is proposed. The virtual-lab is completely described in Modelica language and translated using Dymola. To achieve this goal, a systematic methodology to transform any Modelica model into a formulation suitable for interactive simulation has been developed. In addition, VirtualLabBuilder(More)
Easy Java Simulations (Ejs) and Sysquake are two software tools specifically intended for implementation of virtual-labs. They allow easy definition of the virtuallab view (i.e., the model-to-user interface). However, themodel definition capabilities and the numerical solvers provided by these tools are not the state-of-the-art. On the other hand, the use(More)
The use of the VirtualLabBuilderModelica library and the Dymola modeling environment facilitates the implementation of virtual-labs with elaborated user interfaces, and based on large and complex Modelica models. This implementationmethodology is applied to develop an industrial boiler virtual-lab for process control education. VirtualLabBuilder is freely(More)
An approach to the implementation of virtual-labs well-suited for control education is proposed. The virtual-lab model is described in the Modelica language and it is adapted for interactive simulation by applying a systematic methodology. The virtual-lab view (i.e., the user-to-model interactive interface) is composed by connecting predefined components of(More)
Here, two software tools are presented that facilitate virtual lab implementation: Interactive and Rand Model Designer. Interactive is a free Modelica library that's used in combination with the Dymola modeling environment. Rand Model Designer supports Model Vision Language, an object-oriented modeling language based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
The implementation of a virtual-lab for testing designs of drum-type washing machines is discussed. It is applied to the analysis of an industrial washing machine (120 Kg load capacity) manufactured by Fagor Industrial. The virtual-lab has been completely programmed using Modelica language. The washing machine dynamic model has been developed using(More)
Two new Modelica libraries are presented. The first library, named GGADLib, supports the DEVS graph notation in Modelica. The second Modelica library, named UDPLib, allows sending and receiving data using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). GGADLib uses UDPLib. As a result, DEVS graph models composed using GGADLib can receive and send data (input and output(More)
Rand Model Designer (RMD) is a modeling environment that supports Model Vision Language, an object-oriented modeling language for hybrid-DAE systems. Model Vision Language allows describing the continuous-time part of the model combining the use of equations (i.e., a causal modeling) and sequences of assignment statements. The hybrid behavior is described(More)