Carla Marisa Bonina

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The purpose of this paper is to offer a critical discussion of information systems adoption in the public sector (often referred to as e-government) and to contribute to the debate by offering a public value perspective. The paper points to the public value paradigm as an alternative approach to studying ICT enabled public sector reforms. This paradigm, we(More)
Governments are increasingly investing in information and communication technologies (ICT) as tool to foster the rationalization of public administration. This paper discusses e-government within the context of governmental reforms heavily influenced by the New Public Management (NPM), which suggests that the use of ICT within the public sector will enhance(More)
This essay analyzes the role of the market in network expansion in Latin America. Although universal access policies have achieved some degree of success in fighting the digital divide, the issue of massive access to ICT services seems to be more directly associated with the sector’s regulatory environment and with the level of competition prevailing in the(More)
The iSCHANNEL is five years old and continues to develop and gain in strength. From what started as a small project by a few MSc students is now increasingly seen by all LSE students of Information Systems as their journal. This is demonstrated by the increasing involvement of both MSc and PhD students in all aspects of the journals production. It is hoped(More)
The strong pattern of inequality that marks Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is repeated, although with different characteristics, in access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). Although it is not currently possible to demonstrate empirically, in great detail, that mobile telephony is making a substantive contribution to poverty(More)
New information and communication technologies (ICT) promise an era of remarkable changes for society. In this paper, I propose to reflect on the processes underlying a national ICT initiative in Mexico aimed at improving foreign trade regulation – the Single Window for Foreign Trade. The case offers an example of the complexities of building ICT critical(More)
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