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De–SOx additives based on mixed oxides derived from Mg,Al-hydrotalcite-like compounds containing Fe, Cu, Co or Cr
Abstract Mg,Al-hydrotalcite-like compounds (HTLCs) with an M 3+ /(M 2+  + M 3+ ) molar ratio equal to 0.25 in which Mg or Al were partially replaced by Cu, Co, Cr or Fe were prepared and used asExpand
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Patent documents as a technology mapping tool in the Brazilian energy sector focused on the oil, gas and coke industries
Abstract The present paper aims at mapping the Brazilian technologies in the oil, gas and coke industries. The research was done on the basis of the patent applications filed by residents at theExpand
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Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of CeO2/Mg,Al-mixed oxides as catalysts for SOx removal
Abstract Hydrotalcite-derived Mg,Al-mixed oxides (MO) with variable Mg/Al ratios (3, 1, 1/3) were impregnated with 17 wt.% of CeO2 and evaluated for SOx removal under conditions similar to those ofExpand
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Mn/Mg/Al-spinels as catalysts for SOx abatement: Influence of CeO2 incorporation and catalytic stability
Abstract Mg,Mn,Al-oxides with spinel structure, Al/(M2+ + Al) molar ratio of 0.25 and 0.50 and an Mn/Mg molar ratio of 0.30 have been evaluated as catalysts for SOx removal under conditions similarExpand
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Influence of the Incorporation of Transition Metals on the Basicity of Mg,Al-Mixed Oxides and on Their Catalytic Properties for Transesterification of Vegetable Oils
The transesterification of vegetable oils produces fatty acid methyl esters (biodiesel). Biodiesel is a nonpolluting alternative fuel produced from renewable resources whose chemical and physicalExpand
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High Surface Area Mn,Mg,Al-Spinels as Catalyst Additives for SOx Abatement in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units
Mn,Mg,Al-spinels derived from hydrotalcite-like compounds with different Al/(M2+ + Al) molar ratios (0.25 and 0.50) and Mn/Mg of 0.30 were evaluated as catalysts for SOx removal under conditionsExpand
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Alkali cations exchange in MCM-22
Abstract Ion exchange of alkali ions Li+, K+, and Cs+ into a Na-MCM-22 zeolite has been studied in aqueous solution at 303K, aiming at determining their exchange isotherms. Values of theExpand
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Efeito da composição das correntes do conversor das unidades de FCC no desempenho catalítico de aditivos DESOx
Hydrotalcite-like compounds having Mg partially replaced by Cu or Mn were prepared and used as precursors for two mixed oxides (Cu-OM50 and Mn-OM50) that were evaluated for SOx removal in theExpand
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