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<i>Cooperative manipulation</i> refers to the simultaneous manipulation of a virtual object by multiple users in an immersive virtual environment. This paper describes a framework supporting the development of collaborative manipulation techniques, and example techniques we have tested within this framework. We describe the modeling of cooperative(More)
Several information visualization techniques have been developed in the last few years due to the need of representing and analyzing the huge amount of data generated by several applications or made available through the World Wide Web. These techniques are usually interactive and provided as part of a graphical user interface. Information visualization(More)
Direct volume rendering techniques allow visualization of volume data without extracting intermediate geometry. The mapping from voxel attributes to optical properties is performed by transfer functions which, consequently, play a crucial role in building informative images from the data. One-dimensional transfer functions, which are based only on a scalar(More)
Information visualization systems often present usability problems mainly because many of these tools are not submitted to complete evaluation studies. This paper presents an experimental study based on tests with users to evaluate two multidimensional information visualization techniques, Parallel Coordinates and Radviz. The tasks used in the experiments(More)
Visualization of volumetric datasets is common in many fields and has been an active area of research in the past two decades. In spite of developments in volume visualization techniques, interacting with large datasets still demands research efforts due to perceptual and performance issues. The support of graphics hardware for texture-based visualization(More)
Intra-specific and intra-population variation in movement tactics have been observed in many species, sometimes in association with alternative foraging techniques or large-scale habitat selection. However, whether animals adjust their small-scale habitat selection according to their large-scale tactics has rarely been studied. This study identified two(More)
Computer-assisted maxillofacial orthognathic surgery is an emerging and interdisciplinary field linking orthognathic surgery, remote signal engineering and three-dimensional (3D) medical imaging. Most of the computational solutions already developed make use of different specialized systems which introduce difficulties both in the information transfer from(More)