Carla Lupi

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Optical waveguides comprised of nanoporous materials are uniquely suited for on-chip sensing applications, because they allow for a target chemical or analyte to directly infiltrate the optical material that comprises the core of the waveguide. We describe here the fabrication and characterization of nanoporous waveguides, and demonstrate their usefulness(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Over the last decades, TB has also emerged in the pediatric population. Epidemiologic data of childhood TB are still limited and there is an urgent need of more data on very large cohorts. A multicenter study was conducted in 27 pediatric hospitals, pediatric wards, and public health centers(More)
BACKGROUND Brucellosis in humans is an infectious disease which may occur following contact with infected domestic animals or the ingestion of unpasteurized dairy products. It has rarely been described in pregnancy. The diagnosis, neuropsychiatric manifestations, and management of brucellosis in a 3rd-trimester pregnant woman are discussed. CASE A(More)
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