Carla Lopo

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A study was carried out during five months in La Paz Hospital with the objective to know the proportion of admissions due to an adverse reaction to pharmaceutical drugs (RAM) or due to an acute drug intoxication. For this purpose the reports of all patients seen at the Medical Emergency Room were analyzed on a daily basis. Out of 1,847 patients who needed(More)
The reports from the emergency service of La Paz General Hospital were daily reviewed for 4 months to investigate the number of consultations which, on the judgement of the physician on care, were due to adverse reactions to drugs. An overall number of 11,326 patients consulted. In 438 (3.9%) it was considered that the consultation was due to one or more(More)
Cat adrenal glands were stimulated with nicotine under Na-free conditions; subsequently, Na was gradually introduced as a continuously increasing gradient from 0 to 134 mM. With this experimental approach two catecholamine secretory peak responses were obtained: one was Na-independent and the second was dependent of this cation. This second response was(More)
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