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We have characterized the Drosophila mitotic checkpoint control protein Bub1 and obtained mutations in the bub1 gene. Drosophila Bub1 localizes strongly to the centromere/kinetochore of mitotic and meiotic chromosomes that have not yet reached the metaphase plate. Animals homozygous for P-element-induced, near-null mutations of bub1 die during late(More)
Our study aimed to describe the association between food patterns and gender, parental education, physical activity, sleeping and obesity in 1976 children aged 5-10 years old. Dietary intake was measured by a semi quantitative food frequency questionnaire; body mass index was calculated and categorized according to the IOTF classification. Factor analysis(More)
BACKGROUND There is scarce evidence regarding the association between diet and metabolic syndrome (MetS) in Portuguese population. We aim to evaluate the association between a posteriori dietary patterns (DPs) and MetS and its features. METHODS Using random digit dialing, a sample of 2167 adults was selected between 1999 and 2003, in Porto. During a(More)
Support Vector Machines (SVM) are applied to the problem of detecting and classifying broad acoustic-phonetic classes (events). In this paper an approach based on Non-Negative Matrix Deconvolution (NMD) is proposed to merge frame-based SVM predictions into segmental events. To turn the SVM outputs, which are frame-based, into a signal segmented in terms of(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the association between maternal perceived responsibility and child-feeding practices and dietary inadequacy of 4-year-old children. We studied 4122 mothers and children enrolled in the population-based birth cohort - Generation XXI (Porto, Portugal). Mothers self-completed the Child Feeding Questionnaire and a scale on covert(More)