Carla Lazzaroni

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To evaluate the effect of different rearing systems and sex on the fatty acid composition of rabbit meat and perirenal fat, the fat content and fatty acid composition of Longissimus lumborum and perirenal fat were determined by gas chromatography on 40 rabbits (20 males and 20 females) of the Carmagnola Grey breed reared from 9 to 16weeks of age in(More)
To evaluate the effect of different rearing systems and sex on productive performance and carcass composition and quality, 80 rabbits (40 males and 40 females) of Carmagnola breed were reared from 9 to 16 weeks of age in individual California type cages (0.12m(2)) or in group ground pens (0.25m(2)/head). The animals were kept in standard and uniform(More)
The effect of early (5 month) or late castration (13 month) on meat quality of hypertrophied Piemontese cattle was investigated. Twenty four animals, equally divided into three groups (early castrated, EC; late castrated, LC; intact males, IM) were reared under the same experimental conditions and slaughtered at the same age. Twenty four hours after(More)
The effect of different castration ages on carcass morphological characteristics, meat yield, commercial cuts and bones weight and measures was evaluated on Piemontese steers and bulls. Carcasses (24) obtained from early castrated (EC, 5th month of age), late castrated (LC, 13th month) and intact males (IM, control group) of similar age (about 18 months)(More)
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