Carla Iglesias

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We present an Optimal Filtering (OF) algorithm to reconstruct the energy, time and pedestal of a photomultiplier signal from its digital samples. The OF algorithm was first developed for liquid ionization calorimeters, its implementation in scintillator calorimeters, specifically in the ATLAS hadronic Tile calorimeter (TileCal), is the aim of this study.(More)
The aim of this work is develop a tool based on neural networks to predict the botanical origin of honeys using physical and chemical parameters. The managed database consists of 49 honey samples of 2 different classes: monofloral (almond, holm oak, sweet chestnut, eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, lavender, strawberry trees, thyme, heather, sunflower) and(More)
A tool to predict the tensile properties of cork was applied in order to be used for material and application selection. The mechanical behaviour of cork under tensile stress was determined in the tangential and axial direction. Cork planks of two commercial quality classes were used and samples were taken at three radial positions in the planks.For the(More)
The aim of this work is to develop a tool to predict some pulp properties e.g., pulp yield, Kappa number, ISO brightness (ISO 2470:2008), fiber length and fiber width, using the sapwood and heartwood proportion in the raw-material. For this purpose, Acacia melanoxylon trees were collected from four sites in Portugal. Percentage of sapwood and heartwood,(More)
According to the laws in place in Spain, the autonomous Community of Galicia (NW Spain) has two zones –Lugo and Ourense– at greater seismic risk. In order to control and minimize the damage to buildings and to population, a Special Civil Protection Plan for Seismic Risk in Galicia (SISMIGAL) has been drawn up, including a software tool specially designed(More)
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