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OBJECTIVE To individuate a novel sex-specific index, based on waist circumference, BMI, triglycerides, and HDL cholesterol, indirectly expressing visceral fat function. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Visceral adiposity index (VAI) was first modeled on 315 nonobese healthy subjects. Using two multiple logistic regression models, VAI was retrospectively(More)
BRAF((V600E)) mutation is the most frequent genetic alteration in papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTCs) that are 80-90% of all thyroid cancers. We evaluated the relationship between BRAF((V600E)) and tumor, host, and environmental factors in PTCs from all geographical areas of Sicily. By PCR, BRAF((V600E)) was investigated in a series of 323 PTCs diagnosed in(More)
Fas is an apoptosis-inducing surface receptor involved in controlling tissue homeostasis and function at multiple sites. Here we show that beta cells from the pancreata of newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) patients express Fas and show extensive apoptosis among those cells located in proximity to Fas ligand-expressing T lymphocytes(More)
The Visceral Adiposity Index (VAI) is a sex-specific mathematical index, based on Waist Circumference (WC), Body Mass Index (BMI), triglycerides (TG) and HDL cholesterol (HDL) levels, indirectly expressing visceral adipose function and insulin sensitivity. Our aim was to find the optimal cut-off points of VAI identifying a visceral adipose dysfunction (VAD)(More)
The mechanisms responsible for thyrocyte destruction in Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) are poorly understood. Thyrocytes from HT glands, but not from nonautoimmune thyroids, expressed Fas. Interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta), abundantly produced in HT glands, induced Fas expression in normal thyrocytes, and cross-linking of Fas resulted in massive thyrocyte(More)
BACKGROUND GH exerts its effects on many organs and the eye also seems to be a target site, although few authors have investigated the corneal thickness in patients with acromegaly. AIM To perform a detailed ophthalmological evaluation in acromegalic patients, in relation to disease activity. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-eight acromegalic patients (11(More)
The smelting and refining of silver and the preparation of silver salts for use in photosensitized products can lead to occupational exposures to silver. Our objectives in this study were to determine the absorption and elimination of silver by workers exposed to different species of silver, to estimate the body burden of silver and to relate these findings(More)
The case series of a population-based case-control study of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers in Torino, Italy, included 281 men with clinical and anamnestic data. Two hundred fifteen, 28, and 38 cancers originated from the endolarynx, epilarynx, and hypopharynx, respectively. Regions invaded by the tumor were divided into 26 subsites. A classification(More)
Hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha is found frequently overexpressed in solid tumors cells, exerting an important role in angiogenesis, glucose metabolism, cell proliferation, survival and invasion. In thyroid carcinomas, hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha expression was found increased in differentiated, poorly differentiated, medullary and anaplastic variants.(More)
The effect of plasma amino acid and hormone (insulin, glucagon, and growth hormone) levels on renal hemodynamics was studied in 18 healthy subjects. The following four protocols were employed: study 1, a balanced amino acid solution was infused for 3 h to increase plasma amino acid concentrations two to three times base line; study 2, the same amino acid(More)