Carla Gene Rapp

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This study is a qualitative, descriptive study of how registered nurses (RNs) (N=33) in leadership roles in institutionalized long-term care settings delegate care, including their strategies and processes for delegating care, and their perceptions of barriers to effective delegation and potential benefits of delegation. Findings indicate two key approaches(More)
All of the graduate students in the School of Nursing take some of their Master of Science courses online. A group of six School of Nursing faculty members and a graduate student received funding to determine best practices in online courses. The group developed an evaluation rubric to measure quality in the graduate online curriculum. They then applied the(More)
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is a rare disorder characterized by cortisol deficiency, with/without aldosterone deficiency, and androgen excess. The purposes of this descriptive, exploratory study were to assess caregiver knowledge of CAH, adrenal crisis, and stress dosing of hydrocortisone during times of acute illness and to assess caregivers'(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To evaluate the impact of the implementation of a standardized order set on the time interval in initiation of antibiotic therapy for adult patients with cancer and febrile neutropenia. DESIGN Practice change. SETTING The oncology unit of an urban hospital in the south-eastern United States. SAMPLE Adult patients with cancer and(More)
This article reviews research related to assessment and interventions for cognitive impairment conducted by nurses as principal and coinvestigators. It focuses on the broad areas of delirium and dementia, which are divided into assessment and intervention-related research. The intervention research begins with descriptive studies and has subdivisions for(More)
Staff development nurses in long-term care are challenged to implement training programs that foster quality unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) care and improve the transfer of their observations to licensed nursing staff for care planning. This study describes the outcomes of a program where UAP recorded behavioral problems of residents to inform care.(More)
Obtaining and maintaining a research sample of cognitively impaired nursing home residents is a challenging task. One cannot conduct research with this population without the cooperation of the nursing home administration and staff. The initial challenge is identifying and screening potential subjects. The medical record often provides inadequate(More)
Parkinson's disease continues to be a tragic debilitator of close to half a million Americans. As more is learned about the disease, pharmacological treatment improves. Just recently, deprenyl became a part of our therapeutic armamentarium, and it appears that Sinemet CR will soon be following. It is hoped that these drugs will improve the quality and(More)
This study tested the extent to which a behavioral intervention, Strategies to Promote Independence in Dressing (SPID), improved dressing independence among 90 cognitively impaired nursing home residents (average score on Mini Mental Status Exam = 7.35 +/- .69). The effect of SPID on caregiving efficiency, the time required for nursing assistants to use the(More)
The incidence of Alzheimer's disease (AD), the leading form of dementia, is expected to increase exponentially in the next 50 years. The nursing and medical care of individuals diagnosed with AD, including the health-related challenges faced by all aging individuals, are discussed.