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This study is a qualitative, descriptive study of how registered nurses (RNs) (N=33) in leadership roles in institutionalized long-term care settings delegate care, including their strategies and processes for delegating care, and their perceptions of barriers to effective delegation and potential benefits of delegation. Findings indicate two key approaches(More)
This study tested the extent to which a behavioral intervention, Strategies to Promote Independence in Dressing (SPID), improved dressing independence among 90 cognitively impaired nursing home residents (average score on Mini Mental Status Exam = 7.35 +/- .69). The effect of SPID on caregiving efficiency, the time required for nursing assistants to use the(More)
PURPOSE This descriptive study used a mailed survey to identify difficulties related to the stoma that ostomates experience after discharge from the hospital, who they sought help from, and if the advice was perceived as helpful. SUBJECTS AND SETTING Ostomates who are 18 years or older and have undergone a urinary or fecal diversion at a North Carolina(More)
This abbreviated version of the Acute Confusion/Delirium Research-Based protocol provides clinical guidelines for the assessment and management of acute confusion/delirium in the elderly individual. A screening and ongoing surveillance program that is based on identified risk factors is recommended to prevent or minimize episodes of acute confusion in this(More)
Acute confusion (AC), also referred to as delirium (AC/delirium), is a common problem seen by health professionals who work in a variety of care settings. This is an evaluative report on the clinical usability of instruments to assess AC/delirium as a part of nursing practice. Specifically, five instruments [the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM), Delirium(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To evaluate the impact of the implementation of a standardized order set on the time interval in initiation of antibiotic therapy for adult patients with cancer and febrile neutropenia. DESIGN Practice change. SETTING The oncology unit of an urban hospital in the south-eastern United States. SAMPLE Adult patients with cancer and(More)
All of the graduate students in the School of Nursing take some of their Master of Science courses online. A group of six School of Nursing faculty members and a graduate student received funding to determine best practices in online courses. The group developed an evaluation rubric to measure quality in the graduate online curriculum. They then applied the(More)
THE PURPOSE OF THIS STUDY WAS TO develop and establish content validity of an instrument designed to measure the organizational climate for research integrity in academic health centers. Twenty-seven research integrity scholars and administrators evaluated 64 survey items for relevance and clarity, as well as overall comprehensiveness of the constructs that(More)
Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) may be framed within the Needs Driven Dementia-Compromised Behavior (NBD) Model. Current literature suggests that BPSD may escalate. Several researchers have described a sequence of behavioral escalation that has a clear starting point and ending point. This 'ideal' or concatenated sequence is used to(More)