Carla Fredrichsen Moya-Araujo

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Neospora caninum is considered in many countries as one of the key abortion agents in cattle. This study aims to investigate the parasite behavior in dairy cattle in the municipality of Avaré, SP, Brazil, where abortions frequently occur. An ELISA was performed to compare two samplings on a total of 615 animals; tests were performed in the same herds with a(More)
Accidents caused by spider bites occur in many countries and represent a public health problem due to their high severity and occurrence of fatal accidents. In Veterinary Medicine, the incidence of arachnidism is considered nonexistent in large animals, as their thick skin cannot be pierced, rare in cats and common in dogs, particularly due to their(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of different concentrations of oral supplementation with selenium (Se) upon ram sperm parameters. Thirty rams managed in stall under intensive system were used and divided into five groups (six animals per group) as follows: control group (G1) mineral mixture supplementation without Se, group 2 (G2)(More)
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