Carla Espadinha

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The expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)g in thyroid neoplasias and in normal thyroid (NT) tissues has not been fully investigated. The objectives of the present work were: to study and compare the relative expression of PPARg in normal, benign and malignant thyroid tissues and to correlate PPARg immunostaining with(More)
Two common variants, close from TTF-1 and TTF-2, were shown to predispose to thyroid cancer (TC) in European populations. We aimed to investigate whether TTF-1 and TTF-2 variants might contribute to TC early onset (EO). Tumor samples from eighteen patients with papillary TC (PTC), who underwent total thyroidectomy at an age of ≤21, were screened for TTF-1(More)
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