Carla Elvira Araújo da Silva

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Gastric cancer is the fourth most frequent type of cancer and the second most frequent cause of cancer mortality worldwide. Only a modest number of gastric carcinoma cell lines have been isolated thus far. Here we describe the establishment and cytogenetic characterization of three new gastric cancer cell lines obtained from primary gastric adenocarcinoma(More)
BACKGROUND Canova activates macrophages and indirectly induces lymphocyte proliferation. Here we evaluated the effects of Canova in cyclophosphamide-treated non-human primates. METHODS Twelve Cebus apella were evaluated. Four animals were treated with Canova only. Eight animals were treated with two doses of cyclophosphamide (50 mg/kg) and four of these(More)
The authors describe in detail the technique they are employing for puncturing the canine fossa, for irrigation, sinuscopy and/or register of the antral pressures. Two trocars are introduced, one developed and the other modified by one of the authors (N.P.) A morbid entity named "glue-sinus" is commented. The pros and cons of the technique are discussed(More)
BACKGROUND Occurrence of severe asthma exacerbations are the cornerstone of the evaluation of asthma management, but severe asthma exacerbations are rare events. Therefore, trials that assess drug efficacy on exacerbations are done late in clinical development programmes. We aimed to establish an endpoint capturing clinically relevant deteriorations (diary(More)
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