Carla Demuro-Mercon

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BACKGROUND Rotavirus is the leading cause of severe diarrhea in young children and causes substantial morbidity and mortality. Although the clinical aspects have been well described, little information is available regarding the emotional, social, and economic impact of rotavirus gastroenteritis on the family of a sick child. The objectives of this study(More)
Although psychosocial aspects of skin diseases are well known, disease-specific questionnaires validated for use in clinical trials are not available to assess the impact of facial acne on health-related quality of life or to evaluate therapeutic change. Development of such an instrument was undertaken and included item generation, reduction and(More)
PURPOSE Understand the choice of recall period for PRO measures based on intended use, characteristics of the disease, treatment, and attributes of studies. METHODS Current practice and considerations were reviewed within several disease areas (overactive bladder, menopausal hot flashes, niacin-induced flushing, osteoarthritis pain, irritable bowel(More)
The objective was to develop a brief questionnaire to assess short-term functioning decrements in adolescents with acute migraine. One hundred twenty-three potential items were generated by literature review and by interviewing adolescent migraineurs and migraine specialists. To reduce the items, 127 adolescents were asked to identify which items affected(More)
The aim of this study was to validate the nighttime symptoms score (NSS), which incorporates individual scores for difficulty going to sleep and nighttime awakening caused by nasal symptoms and nasal congestion on awakening, as a clinically relevant measure of allergic rhinitis (AR). Fifty-five general season AR (SAR) symptom items were generated by(More)
BACKGROUND Young children are generally not able to consistently and reliably perform tests of airway function, and normative values are not available. Reliable and valid measures of parental reporting of asthma symptoms and functioning are needed to determine the efficacy of asthma interventions. OBJECTIVE A pediatric asthma caregiver diary was developed(More)
BACKGROUND A Norwegian community study was conducted as an add-on to a large general health survey in Trondlag County, Norway, to characterize the cross-sectional relationship of patient perceptions with the degree of hair loss. METHODS All members of the community were invited to participate in the general health survey and male participants, aged 20-50(More)
OBJECTIVE A comprehensive questionnaire designed to assess the full spectrum of potential human papillomavirus (HPV)-related psychosocial effects in women does not exist. The HPV Impact Profile (HIP) was developed to determine the psychosocial impact of HPV infection and related interventions. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Draft instrument items and domains(More)
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