Carla Clemente

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The coordinate expression of the nuclear p53 protein, cytoplasmic intermediate filament vimentin (VIM) and membrane epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R) was significantly associated with oestrogen receptor immunocytochemical nuclear stain (ER-ICA) negative breast carcinomas. Twenty-three (51.1%), 26 (57.8%) and 27 (60%) of 45 ER-ICA -ve cancers were(More)
It is not yet clear whether some polymorphic variants of the Ha-ras-1 gene confer genetic predisposition to cancer. However, recent data on myelodysplasia and lung cancer are controversial. To clarify this point, 62 colorectal adenocarcinoma patients were examined for the Ha-ras-1 gene restriction fragment length polymorphism and results were compared with(More)
Familial renal glucosuria is an inherited renal tubular disorder. A homozygous nonsense mutation in the SLC5A2 gene, encoding the sodium/glucose co-transporter SGLT2, has recently been identified in an affected child of consanguineous parents. We now report novel compound heterozygous mutations in the son of non-consanguineous parents. One allele has a(More)
BACKGROUND Familial Juvenile Hyperuricemic Nephropathy is an autosomal dominant nephropathy, characterized by decreased urate excretion and progressive interstitial nephritis. Mutations in the uromodulin coding UMOD gene have been found responsible for the disease in some families. CASE PRESENTATION We here describe a novel heterozygous p.K307T mutation(More)
The prognostic role of cell kinetics (expressed as 3H-thymidine labelling index, 3H-TdR LI) was assessed on 145 patients with pathologic stage II melanoma subjected only to therapeutic lymph node dissection. The 3H-TdR LI determined on metastatic nodes was related to relapse-free survival and to survival. In particular, 3-year relapse-free survival was(More)
Chondroid syringoma represents the cutaneous counterpart of mixed tumor ("pleomorphic adenoma") of salivary glands, therefore it is also termed mixed tumor of the skin. The presence of hyaline cells in mixed tumors of salivary gland is a very well known event. Tumors mainly or exclusively composed of hyaline cells are termed myoepitheliomas of hyaline type,(More)
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