Carla Capurro

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Robot systems that rely on vision as their main sensory capability need to be able to cope with changes in the visual environment and to manage a wide eld of view. Moreover, in order not to loose real-time response capabilities, selective visual sensing is indeed highly desirable. The \built-in" selection in space and time provided by space variant sensors(More)
Future space programs will take advantage of advanced robotics; visual capabilities, in particular, could play a very important role, either to provide robots with independent behaviors and to improve human remote control. The paper describes a prototype of a binocular vision system based on space variant sensing technologies. The system is aimed to operate(More)
Important functional and structural modifications occur in mammalian oocytes during their arrival to maturity. In this process, oocytes switch from a high activity level, implying an important metabolic rate and a coordinated movement of water and solutes, to a lower functional state. The aim of this work was to study the mechanisms involved in water(More)
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