Carla Bingham

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To define the role of nurse and pup strain (spontaneously hypertensive rats: SHR nurses and shr pups; Wistar-Kyoto rats: WKY nurses and wky pups) and dietary salt in nurses and pups (low salt and high salt) upon pup body weight and blood pressure, we cross-suckled shr and wky from birth. Nurses after delivery and pups after weaning received either low- or(More)
Capillary density and capillary orientation in canine spinal cords were estimated by calculating actual lengths, surfaces, and volumes of capillary segments in tissue sections. Transverse, sagittal, and frontal section planes were samples from dorsal, ventral, and lateral funiculi and from dorsal and ventral gray horns of spinal segments C3, T6, and L3 from(More)
In order to examine HPG axis regulation in women with major depression, luteinizing hormone (LH) pulsativity was studied in 26 depressed and 24 normal women. Blood was sampled every 10 min for an 8-h period during the first week of their menstrual cycle. LH pulsatile release was analyzed using the computerized cluster analysis algorithm of Veldhuis and(More)
The purpose of this study was to provide morphometric (i.e. quantitative anatomical) data on the normal chinchilla stria vascularis. Five normal chinchillas were used in the present investigation and four regions of the cochlea were examined in each animal. The width, radial area and number of marginal cells across the stria's width increased from the(More)
Carpal/Wrist instability is the result of a large variety of conditions. Any alteration of the shape of the wrist bones or the connections between them can affect the dynamic balance of forces and the wrists unique multiplane movements. Sensorimotor function is a term used to describe sensory, motor and central processes pertaining to joint stability. Wrist(More)
Rat pancreatic lobules were used to investigate the interaction of gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP), carbachol, glucose, and an amino acid mixture on insulin secretion. At 5 mM glucose, GIP (1.1 ng/ml) did not augment insulin secretion in the presence or absence of carbachol (5 X 10(-5)M) during a 210-min incubation. However, at 11 mM glucose, GIP did(More)
Two control dogs and 2 dogs that had globoid cell leukodystrophy (GLD) were studied to document vascular alterations associated with the leukodystrophic lesion. Spinal white matter was sampled by transverse and frontal planes of section from dorsal and ventral halves of the lateral funiculus of five spinal segments. Vessel profiles were classified as(More)
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