Carla Beatriz Collares-Buzato

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Bothrops snake venoms cause renal damage, with renal failure being the main cause of death in humans bitten by these snakes. In this work, we investigated the cytoskeletal rearrangement and(More)
Cell–cell contacts mediated by intercellular junctions are crucial for proper insulin secretion in the endocrine pancreas. The biochemical composition of the intercellular junctions in this organ and(More)
Human envenoming by Lachesis muta muta venom, although infrequent, is rather severe, being characterized by pronounced local tissue damage and systemic dysfunctions. Studies on the pharmacological(More)
In this study, we have investigated the structural and ultrastructural features of pancreatic islet tissue during rat postnatal development. For this purpose, we used neonatal (1-2 days old), young(More)
In this study, we investigated a possible sexual dimorphism regarding metabolic response and structural and functional adaptations of the endocrine pancreas after exposure to a high-fat diet (HFd).(More)
Intercellular junctions play a role in regulating islet cytoarchitecture, insulin biosynthesis and secretion. In this study, we investigated the animal metabolic state as well as islet histology and(More)
BACKGROUND Dact gene family encodes multifunctional proteins that are important modulators of Wnt and TGF-β signaling pathways. Given that these pathways coordinate multiple steps of limb(More)