Carla Barbosa

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* PhD. Food and Nutritional Science, professor titular, Departamento de Ciência dos Alimentos (DCA), Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPEL), Pelotas/RS (e-mail: ** Professor, Doctor, Department of Food and Nutritional Science, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canadá. *** Nutricionista, UFPEL, Pelotas/RS. **** Doutora em Química,(More)
Working memory relies on information processing by several well-identified gray matter regions. However, the white matter regions and pathways involved in this cognitive process remain unknown. An attractive and underexplored approach to study white matter connectivity in cognitive functions is through the use of non-aprioristic models, which specifically(More)
Specimens of Micromesistius poutassou (n=238) obtained in a fish market of Oporto, Portugal, were examined for the presence of larval anisakids. Anisakis sp. L3 larvae (prevalence = 77.7 %; mean intensity = 5.8; mean abundance = 4.5) and Hysterothylacium sp. L3 larvae (prevalence = 5 %; mean intensity = 4.1; mean abundance = 0.2) were found in body cavity,(More)
The amplitude of the auditory amplitude-modulation following responses (AMFR) is variable, depending on the modulation rate. Although 40-Hz responses have higher amplitudes in adults, the AMFR in the 80- to 120-Hz range are less influenced by sleep and more consistent in children. The effect of attention on 40-Hz responses has been addressed in some(More)
Regarding the event of an adenocarcinoma of the colic type of the cecal appendix, operated on at the ABC Medical College Hospital, the authors summarize the subject stating that, among the appendiceal carcinoma, this particular one tends to spread, by the veins or lymphatics, besides spreading by contiguity. This carcinoma hardly presents a symptomology of(More)
This study aims at verifying the effect of three modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) conditions, all with high CO2 and residual or low O2 contents (%O2/%CO2: 0/40; 2.5/40 and 2.5/60), on the quality preservation of several species of precooked vegetables (cabbage, carrots, green beans and bell peppers). The study was carried out for different storage(More)
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