Carla B Silva Silva

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BACKGROUND The absence of the I allele of the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) gene has been associated with higher levels of circulating ACE, lower nitric oxide (NO) release and hypertension. The purposes of this study were to analyze the post-exercise salivary nitrite (NO2-) and blood pressure (BP) responses to different exercise intensities in elderly(More)
Urochloa decumbens (Stapf) R. D. Webster (Poaceae) is an exotic species with has spread rapidly through the Cerrado area of Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. It has covered the soil aggressively turning it into cultivated pastures. Thus, it has become a challenge to protect native areas due its capacity of exclusion of native species. It has been(More)
Title: The higher exercise intensity and the presence of allele I of ACE gene elicit a higher post-exercise blood pressure reduction and nitric oxide release in elderly women Authors:
A geometric morphometrics approach was applied to evaluate differences in forewing patterns of the Jandaira bee (Melipona subnitida Ducke). For this, we studied the presence of fluctuating asymmetry (FA) in forewing shape and size of colonies kept in either rational hive boxes or natural tree trunks. We detected significant FA for wing size as well as wing(More)
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