Carla Almeida

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Machado-Joseph disease (MJD/SCA3) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disease caused by the expansion of a CAG tract in the coding portion of the ATXN3 gene. The presence of ubiquitin-positive aggregates of the defective protein in affected neurons is characteristic of this and most of the polyglutamine disorders. Recently, the accumulation of the(More)
Inhibitors of coagulation factors from blood-feeding animals display a wide variety of structural motifs and inhibition mechanisms. We have isolated a novel inhibitor from the cattle tick Boophilus microplus, one of the most widespread parasites of farm animals. The inhibitor, which we have termed boophilin, has been cloned and overexpressed in Escherichia(More)
The article analyzes the World Health Organization Report for 2000, with emphasis placed on the methodology used to analyze the indicators utilized to compare and classify the performance of the health systems of the 191 member countries. The Report's contribution was the compromise of monitoring the performance of the health systems of member countries,(More)
Aspartic proteinases have been extensively characterized in land plants but up to now no evidences for their presence in green algae group have yet been reported in literature. Here we report on the identification of the first (and only) typical aspartic proteinase from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. This enzyme, named chlapsin, was shown to maintain the(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with a left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) of less than 40 % are at high risk of developing postoperative low cardiac output syndrome (LCOS). Despite actual treatments (inotropic agents and/or mechanical assist devices), the mortality rate of such patients remains very high (13 to 24 %). The LICORN trial aims at assessing the(More)
Different sheep and goat cheeses with world-renowned excellence are produced using aqueous extracts of Cynara cardunculus flowers as coagulants. However, the use of this vegetable rennet is mostly limited to artisanal scale production, and no effective solutions to large-scale industrial applications have been reported so far. In this sense, the development(More)
In this paper we report on the design of a support system for autism therapists. The system was co-designed with a team of therapists working with autistic children and supports session management and data collection and analysis. It is integrated with a storytelling interactive environment in the context of improving the social skills of children with(More)
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