Carla Alessandra Lima Reis

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It is widely recognized the potential of using organizational data analysis to enable automated tools supporting process management task. The organizational repositories should be used in an active way to accordingly support dynamic decision-making process in software project management. In this paper, we briefly describe a research aiming to support the(More)
This paper discusses the need to provide better support for software processes reuse in PSEEs (process-centered software engineering environments). This discussion is influenced by the recent work on process reuse field presented by the literature and the experience of authors in the definition of a meta-model for process modeling, enaction and s imulation(More)
Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments (PSEEs) deal with activities that demand specialized personnel and limited resources. Characteristics about required resources and people (and their dynamic availability) are used by software process instantiation phase to define process allocation strategies. However, most of existing PSEEs do not allow(More)
This study was carried out to find the context and factors that can affect the productivity of a team of developers and testers in a distributed software project. We interviewed project members in order to understand the relationships between those project context factors and their impact on scheduling risk. Our results suggest that, from a testers site(More)