Carla Alessandra Lima Reis

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This paper discusses the need to provide better support for software processes reuse in PSEEs (process-centered software engineering environments). This discussion is influenced by the recent work on process reuse field presented by the literature and the experience of authors in the definition of a meta-model for process modeling, enaction and s imulation(More)
It is widely recognized the potential of using organizational data analysis to enable automated tools supporting process management task. The organizational repositories should be used in an active way to accordingly support dynamic decision-making process in software project management. In this paper, we briefly describe a research aiming to support the(More)
Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments (PSEEs) deal with activities that demand specialized personnel and limited resources. Characteristics about required resources and people (and their dynamic availability) are used by software process instantiation phase to define process allocation strategies. However, most of existing PSEEs do not allow(More)
Software development organizations are increasingly interested in keeping the knowledge generated by its members, transforming individual knowledge into organizational knowledge. Thus, many organizations opt for the implementation of knowledge management process. This paper presents a case study conducted in a software development organization that(More)
The Aspect-Oriented (AO) paradigm is a recent trend to assist the development of high complexity software, proposing specific language level constructs to separate different concerns of software. This paper investigates the adoption of AO concepts to assist the design of high-level management policies in software process models. Process Policies are(More)
BACKGROUND Autoantibodies have been detected in sera before diagnosis of cancer leading to interest in their potential as screening/early detection biomarkers. As we have found autoantibodies to MUC1 glycopeptides to be elevated in early-stage breast cancer patients, in this study we analysed these autoantibodies in large population cohorts of sera taken(More)
BACKGROUND High risk of recurrence/progression bladder tumours is treated with Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) immunotherapy after complete resection of the tumour. Approximately 75% of these tumours express the uncommon carbohydrate antigen sialyl-Tn (Tn), a surrogate biomarker of tumour aggressiveness. Such changes in the glycosylation of cell-surface(More)