Carl von Platen

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In an embedded system, it is common to have several memory areas with different properties, such as access time and size. An access to a specific memory area is usually restricted to certain native pointer types. Different pointer types vary in size and cost. For example, it is typically cheaper to use an 8-bit pointer than a 16-bit pointer. The problem is(More)
This paper presents the OpenDF framework and recalls that dataflow programming was once invented to address the problem of parallel computing. We discuss the problems with an imperative style, von Neumann programs, and present what we believe are the advantages of using a dataflow programming model. The CAL actor language is briefly presented and its role(More)
Resource utilization is a very central issue in the development of large-volume embedded systems. Increasingly complex execution platforms for embedded multimedia systems challenge the prevailing approach of achieving high utilization by carefully tuned implementations in C and assembly language. The recently started ACTORS project addresses resource(More)
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