Carl Winstead

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The advent of Shannon capacity-approaching error control codes such as turbo codes and low density parity check (LDPC) codes has been revolutionary, leading to their incorporation into numerous recent digital communications standards. The key to exploiting the power of these codes is the utilization of an iterative decoder. While high error-correcting(More)
Measured and calculated differential cross sections for elastic ͑rotationally unresolved͒ electron scattering from two primary alcohols, methanol ͑CH 3 OH͒ and ethanol ͑C 2 H 5 OH͒, are reported. The measurements are obtained using the relative flow method with helium as the standard gas and a thin aperture as the collimating target gas source. The relative(More)
Total, elastic, and inelastic cross sections for positron and electron collisions with tetrahydrofuran We describe the development of a consistent set of low-energy electron collision cross sections for trifluoromethane, CHF 3. First-principles calculations are used to obtain key elastic and inelastic cross sections. These are combined with literature(More)
Articles you may be interested in Stopping and transport of fast electrons in superdense matter Particle-in-cell with Monte Carlo collision modeling of the electron and negative hydrogen ion transport across a localized transverse magnetic field Effect of a magnetic field in simulating the plume field of an anode layer Hall thruster We have measured the(More)
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