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BACKGROUND Sinusitis is the fifth most common reason for patients to visit primary care physicians, yet clinical outcomes relevant to patients are seldom studied. OBJECTIVE To determine whether patients with purulent rhinitis, "sinusitis-type symptoms," improved with antibiotics. Second, to examine a clinical prediction rule to provide preliminary(More)
Surgical management of gunshot wounds of the head has remained a controversial issue in the care of civilian patients. In an attempt to determine who might benefit from aggressive surgical intervention, we examined 89 patients over a 3-year period who had suffered cranial gunshot wounds and had at least one computed tomographic scan of the head after(More)
The surgical plane between the VIIth nerve and acoustic tumor is often elusive. This histological relationship was reviewed in three patients who underwent VII-VII neuroanastomosis at tumor removal disclosing an inseparable surgical plane in two. In the third patient, tissue sections did not accurately show the relationship. In all three, surgical planes(More)
Three patients, ages 69, 67, and 74 years, respectively, underwent surgical removal of cystic cerebellar astrocytomas. All three had past histories pointing to the existence of a cerebellar lesion for many decades prior to surgery: Patient 1 had had nystagmus on lateral gaze on the side of the tumor since early childhood; Patient 2 had had sensorineural(More)
A case of intraocular extension of primary optic nerve meningioma occurred in a 13-year-old girl with neurofibromatosis. An anomalous disc in the involved blind eye was diagnosed as optic nerve glioma at 2 1/2 years of age. The aggressive nature of meningiomas in the young and the long time period involved account for this rare occurrence of direct(More)
STUDY DESIGN A patient with a herniated intradural disc at L2-L3 and an extradural herniated disc at L5-S1 had homogeneous enhancement of the intradural disc on magnetic resonance imaging. BACKGROUND DATA The only prior report of intradural disc enhancement with contrast on magnetic resonance imaging showed nonhomogeneous peripheral or ring enhancement.(More)
OBJECTIVES In the management of two related patients with multicentric glomus jugulare tumors, given the incidence of 1:30,000 with approximately 20% familial cases, our objective was to review the genetic characteristics and inheritance patterns of these tumors and to determine what molecular genetic screening possibilities exist for the phenotypically(More)