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Studies were conducted with security experts and ordinary consumers that investigated the effect of their immediate experience with e-commerce sites on their perceptions of security and data privacy. Security experts' feelings of security when transacting with a site depended on 1) their deep technical knowledge, 2) knowledge of good security processes, and(More)
Introductory AI courses present students with dif-cult theoretical issues related to the intelligence and behavior of agents operating in the world. We believe that mobile robot projects, when integrated with readings and discussions, help students bridge the gap between abstract AI theory and implementation. In this article we describe an introductory AI(More)
Humans are capable of strong emotional responses to computer systems. Research suggests that human perceptions of human and machine intelligence rely on similar processes involving heuristic judgments about apparent problem solving skills, verbal ability, and social competence. Usability engineers need to understand how to measure emotional responses to(More)
Human attributions of intelligence in others reflect heuristic judgments of superficial qualities rather than systematic analysis of competence. This article reviews the literature on attribution of intelligence in humans and machines, examines the public controversy over human intelligence, mid extrapolates to the subject of machine intelligence. The(More)
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